Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Died In Office

McKinley Assassination Ink (MAI) is designed as a means for providing individuals—scholars and school children, professionals and lay folk—with free and unfettered access to Primary source materials relating to the McKinley. MAI primarily consists of transcriptions of original published documents dating from, though not limited to, 1901-02. Some of these documents are presented only in excerpt form, but many of the documents are included in full. Each document (comprising its own webpage) includes publication information, keywords, and a listing of “named persons.” The site also includes: 1) a set of seven browsing indexes, complete with links to the individual documents; 2) a selected listing of quotations culled from the documents; 3) a selected bibliography; and 4) a page of links to relevant external websites. The goal of MAI is simply this: to gather the largest possible selection of full-text primary source documents relating to the assassination of William McKinley and the immediate aftermath of that event, including the succession of Theodore Roosevelt to the presidency and the incarceration, trial, and execution of assassin Leon Czolgosz.


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