Thursday, March 16, 2006

Sticker Shock

According to its mission statement,'s goal is "to empower automotive consumers by providing complete, clear, timely, accurate and unbiased information needed to make informed purchase and ownership decisions." The site provides easy access to safety information, road tests, advice, and evaluative information on buying a new or used vehicle via yellow quick link buttons and clearly designed sections throughout the home page. The True Market Value (TMV) Pricing Tools are undoubtedly the highlight of this online resource. The "TMV New Vehicle Pricing Calculator" and the "TMV Used Vehicle Appraiser" are both extremely useful for accurately calculating the best selling price for a new vehicle or determining the actual trade-in or personal selling price of a used car or truck. These values are determined by entering specific criteria that pertain to the vehicle. The "New Vehicle Pricing Calculator" also offers links to customer rebates.


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