Monday, February 27, 2006

Education Indicators

EdStats, short for Education Statistics, is a comprehensive education statistics database. It compiles data from a variety of national and international sources and provides information on key education topics.Global Country Data presents data for over 200 countries and country groups. The data is organized in several sections for flexible retrieval. The main data sources are the UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS), World Bank, and the Barro-Lee datase. The Selected Group Data presents statistical reports from different groups of countries. The country groups currently in EdStats include Caribbean Countries, South Eastern European Countries, Islamic Countries, OECD Countries, and Countries that have participated in the Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) and World Education Indicators (WEI) programs. Included is Thematic Education Data which presents diverse topic data, including Projections of School Age Population, Private Education Expenditures, Rates of Returns to Investment in Education, Gender Disaggregated Profiles, Children with Disabilities and Inclusive Education, and Student Learning Assessments. The main data sources are World Bank, OECD, UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) and special studies and research projects. Also presented is important World Bank Financing information on World Bank lending for education since 1963. The data is organized by Country At a Glance and offers country data on selected indicators of poverty and social development, key macroeconomic ratios and long-term trends, structure of the economy, prices and government finance, trade, balance of payments, and external debt and resource flows. Data was compiled by the World Bank in collaboration with its partner agencies and country clients. of course there are Links to Other Sources, they provide a large number of links to international and national education and statistical agencies, education journals and databases, and other information related to education.


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