Saturday, January 15, 2005

Bold We Go

The Trekker's Galactopedia is part of a project to correlate and quantify the 30+ years of Star Trek history.The Galactopedia is divided up like a regular encyclopedia into alphabetical sections. Each section is further divided on the basis of filesize for easy viewing. Also within the Galactopedia will be directories to all episodes and stories containing a list of references contained within them. The site author will also begin to offer production information, reviews and opinions in those entries. Therefore, clicking on TOS episodes will show you a list of each episode and all the referenced characters and items portrayed and hyperlinks to their entries in the main body. And if the Trekker's Galactopedia isn't enough, I present to you the Star Wars DataBank. The databank is part of the official Lucus Star Wars website, and combines information from all of the movies, books, comics and cartoons.


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