Saturday, May 27, 2006

Fourteen Points

Although the League of Nations ceased to exist in 1946, its archives and historical collections survive as invaluable resources for historical research. In 1957, the Archives of the League of Nations was created. The Archives includes official records as well as portraits, paintings, caricatures, original artworks and unique objects d'art. In June 2000 Robert Goehlert led a research team to the League of Nations Archives, which included Jian Liu and Kris Bell, to start a digital library project dedicated to digitizing one of the League of Nations Archives’ photograph collections.The League of Nations Overview of Photo Collections includes photos of: Personalities, Assemblies, Councils, Delegations, Commissions, Conferences, the Secretariat, the Permanent Court of International Justice, the Bureau International du Travail, and miscellaneous photos.


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