Monday, February 06, 2006

Set Your Priorities

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities was founded in 1981 to take a close look at how various budget choices have affected the lives of low-income Americans. Since then the center has continued to grow more expansive, covering budget priorities at the state level as well. First-time visitors to the site will find a host of materials of note, including a number of Issues In Depth and special features. These features take a close look at such important subjects as budget priorities after Hurricane Katrina and other federal budget issues. The New From the Center area is a great way to become well versed in their most recent work, as it covers such topics as state income trends and Social Security. Users who wish to look for a specific topical area will do well to look at the bottom of the homepage which contains coverage of such topics as low-income housing, health policies, and unemployment insurance.


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